New Years 14 Day workout day 7

A few ppl have been pushing themselves hard, which is good as long as they’re doing so safely. Make sure you stretch, cooldown, stretch more and repeat the day after as this workout allows a day for rest.

 Today I’d like to focus on triceps, several exercises and just two sets of them. I’m without wifi and copying YouTube videos is a nightmare. If you know what a diamond push up is do them. Two sets all out two minutes in between. If not negative push ups will suffice with the same rules. Then are dips and you can do bench, couch or a dipping station. For these do just shy of all out, wait 30 seconds and max out and give yourself 3 minutes for the second set. Next are either two arm or one arm overhead tricep extensions. Go hard on these. Last is a back to back group of regular push-ups, tricep db kickbacks, decline push-ups and incline push-ups. On the latter two keep your body tight, don’t arch or let your back dip.


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