Knower, The Rain Man

The Mind of RD REVILO

  • Noah, oddly Odd
  • A man, many felt insane
  • Driven mad by some God
  • He started warning of rampant rain
  • In the desert, where there was never a cloud
  • Ridiculously speaking aloud
  • The ramblings of rain
  • From a man madly insane
  • Look, he is as crazy as we thought
  • Here, on dry sand
  • He’s building a yacht
  • Without wheels, on land
  • Suddenly, in the skies
  • There was a dark dot
  • Before their eyes
  • Grewinto a black spot
  • In their skies black spots began to crowd
  • Until their skies were darkened by black clouds
  • Then a pitter patter, a drop
  • Wetting into drops that wouldn’t stop
  • At mid-day the day went away
  • Water began to dampen their land
  • They just shook their heads
  • Laughing at the old rain man
  • When the rain rosepast their knees
  • It was no longer a symptom
  • But an  out breakingdisease
  • It rose rapidly past…

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