New Years 14 Day workout day 5

Ok this is early but you’ll get it. Pick ten exercises you have any access to and do 15 easy reps and move to the next, that’s one set and take 30 seconds in between and always another exercise and keep going until you’re at ten sets and have reached ten exercises. Just pace yourself and have fun.

 If you do punches or kicks think bad thoughts 🙂


3 thoughts on “New Years 14 Day workout day 5

  1. Colette B says:

    hi, on a good day i might try that one! As long as it’s not flights of stairs and squats or anything so… well anyway, maybe it’s syllabic or is it vignette word count…. i guess i decide that one – and remembering posture while typing is good for fitness too isn’t it and if you’re cold it can be a good way of warming up! cheers (enjoyed your review at the wotsit too, can’t believe i missed it at the time but caught it by chance earlier!) cheers


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