Hopeful that this will be my last move for a good while

I have been bounced around for a long time now and never an ideal situation whether it is crazy ppl, family lending a hand but nothing long term, felons or a short stay that costs more than I do per week.

So, my new journey has me going from being 400 meters to work to 4.5 miles and it is downhill mostly. So, I will ride down and bus back up. It should be OK. Plus it is a few minutes to the strip. I have my Monday Night Raw tickets and I am psyched and I will be about 2 miles away. Two of my doctors are less than 1.5 miles away and being closer to the strip I could get a job there and leave the local place I work for unless they make me full time, which sadly is unlikely.

My new roommate seems like a real good guy and is quite helpful and I think it will work out except the first few days of not having furniture. Then, I hope things will go smoothly and I am close to UNLV and I can train hard as it is already starting to get warmer:). Unless of course someone, ;);) talks me back to Hurricanse city on the East Coast, cough, cough…LOL.


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