At work I sometimes get shunned

If I give out a horse and the player does not listen they come back asking for more. They play hundreds on bs even money or slightly higher 3-8 teams and do not see the value of a 5-1 third choice that takes 1 minute and change to finish. My boss routinely dismisses something like Green Bay and the over to Clemson and he says nah the Giants are gonna kill Green Bay. So it goes. He hated Navy against the spread and several others and I SMH. Yet I get locked out not playing because I am at work and try a day in advance and lose a game leading to them or even Nunes over Rousey and have to make a straight bet, which is a joke payoff wise. But whatever. I want winners so we get tipped and try to educate and all too often I get pushed away but all week I said the best bet was Green Bay and Over, period…Most played the Giants and/or the under….SMH


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