New Years 14 Day workout Day 1

This will be different type of workout challenge. While it says 14 days it is more as you take a day in between workouts. Also, if you can do the workout as a split workout. Early and then late, if you have the time. Even if you pick just one or two exercises to do as the second part later. Lastly, this will be hard from start to finish and if you are not really ready do a fifth of the workout and build yourself up.

OK to start a warmup, do any cardio that you wish and do it for 5 minutes. Also, pick your own stretches today and give yourself stretches in between the first group of exercises sets. Group one is any chest exercise you like then bicycle crunches.  DO 4 sets and do as many as possible and remember to stretch in between. Next will be squat thrusts and only them, 3 sets with 90 seconds rest and do them until you can’t. Next will be jumping jacks, again 3 sets of a high number of reps for 3 sets with 60 seconds in between. OK this is where you can split the workout if possible. Squat hops, 2 sets of 20-40 reps with 2 minutes in between. Then negative push ups, also two sets with 2 minutes in between and 1 set of push ups until exhaustion after.

















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