Why him? More of a summary than a review…

This movie seemed very familiar and it had some throwbacks to very old movies like The Pink Panther franchise. It seemed like Son in law amped to Meet The Fockers and amped another notch. Plus it was very familiar to Other people’s money which reminded me of Horrible bosses 2.

The basic plot is Laird (James Franco) is a 32 year old billionaire with a crazy house from making video games and is dating a Stanford 22 year old named Stephanie played by Zoey Deutch. She is very close with her family yet does not tell them that she is dating someone for nearly a year and is basically living with him and has plans to drop out of school. Her father, Ned (Bryan Cranston) finds out at his 55th birthday party that his little girl has a freaky boyfriend as he is on a facetime call with his daughter at his birthday party and Franco is in the room pulling his pants down and is all ass. Most of the other characters are just filling except for three. The younger son, Scotty (Griffin Gluck) as the won’t be heard son who wants to help his father innovate and nobody knows his business is failing miserably. He is quite funny in this role. The Siri version 3.00000 is Justine played by Kaley Cuoco and she is hilarious as just a voice over player. Lastly but certainly not the least is the better over the top than Franco all around friend and the guy who runs the place, Gustav, played brilliantly and over the top by Keegan-Michael Key. I like his work and he is always in character no matter what movie he is in.

I figured there would be some behind the scenes stuff to see that Jonah Hill and Ben Stiller were involved. The movie is a funny train wreck and even has the leaders of Kizz in it. Below are the redband trailers…





5 thoughts on “Why him? More of a summary than a review…

  1. Thanks for sharing your summary, Paul. It sounds good! I showed it to my sons just now, as a movie for us to go and see together in the next week or so. 🙂


  2. I enjoyed your review more than the film. The real low-point is a script peppered with F-bombs and worse, with a running gag referring to a category of pornography especially degrading to women. We all expect colourful language these days, but it’s a substitute vocabulary that loses impact quickly. Cheap gags are more affordable than a quality script and even a strong cast cannot pull this film up from the depths it chose.


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