Well sometimes you take one for the team

For two weeks I said Ronda Rousey would not last 90 seconds. I talked three big players into changing their bet. As some may know people in tipping jobs pool and I was handed 150 by the three in total. Mind you other writers told them not to ask me as I was opinionated and they did not care. Well I am, was and WE got tipped instead of saying meet me outside in 15 minutes to the three of them. Which I have been told to but have not yet done. Another person betting horses who was all but broke. I pointed out that two horses ran 1-22 in an exacta, meaning running 1-2 in their last six meetings and the odds were fair. I pleaded with him to play them for first and second and then all and all. An 8.40 bet, he spent more and the super for ten cents was 600. I heard he may have run into traffic after that:)




2 thoughts on “Well sometimes you take one for the team

  1. Never thought you were a gambler. 😀

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