I can build her I have the technology!!!

She will be stronger

She will be faster

She will sexy as hell

She will smarter than ME

She will cook, but SO WILL I;)

She already exists among mixed parts here

To be fair here and IRL it is mainly lesbians

Before they can be crazy stuff anyone can…

They empathize, care are giving and helpful

They are normally a bit jaded but aren’t we all

at a certain  age?

Some of them are just right, some a little too tight

or a little too the other way…Sorry

Avoid the smokers, drug addicts, baby daddy drama

and you are home, RIGHT? Nope

Not even with looks that knock you off of your chair

Not even even with I am a good girl with PORN STAR SKILLZ

Then you got to make sure she doesn’t have “FRIENDS”

Too much too much too much, go back to the bleuprints

Don’t fall asleep on them like last time and look

like a damn SMURF

Get back to building but remember…..






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