OMG one day after Carrie Fisher dies her mother Debbie Reynolds dies

I have no words.


10 thoughts on “OMG one day after Carrie Fisher dies her mother Debbie Reynolds dies

  1. Reblogged this on The Path Less Travelled By and commented:
    What a double whammy.

    I was surprised to hear the news of today….but then not really. I can see her mother being so grief stricken and her heart breaking that her health would have taken a severe blow.
    In a way, it’s a peaceful way to see them both together.

    Wow… many well-known people in this year… whom we say good-bye.


      • You’re welcome, Paul. I was a fan of both Carrie and Debbie. When I read your brief thought, I felt that I needed to add mine to yours. Hugs.


      • I couldn’t find the words. I know the new Star Wars was finished shooting and the second is halfway through and I saw her in rogue one. Her heavy partying and mental illness and mixing the drugs meds and alcohol didn’t help and it kept her from working as well. It was scary to honestly think her mothers heart was broken and she too passed butt that’s the general opinion:(

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      • Considering both of them….so close together, one can’t help but wonder if that’s what happened. And it certainly has occurred in other scenarios, like long-lasting couple relationships.


      • Yes and after being estranged for over a decade, Carrie becoming a face for mental illness, speaking up on many issues and finally getting back in the limelight. She was set to have a very good run. But sometimes those illnesses, partying and hurting your insides catch up to you. How many ppl passed in December was shocking.

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      • She’s faced a lot of challenges in her life. Striving for better, and, as you say, things caught up to her. Yes, there were a lot in December.


      • Yes it was bad. My boss was like all heart attacks and I had to say unlike those who had bottles of pills not to be mixed or needles in their arms mist addicts and even cancer patients die of heart failure it’s a normal paperwork thing. Yet it’s as sad and oh died peacefully in their sleep is real hard to say as it never is. I’ve had meds that had me stop breathing and I realized it and and got my hr up and got into more hydration as well as some meds make you die while sleeping. I had it happen twice with bad combos about 5 years ago and I stay away from certain things

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      • Meds can be such a tricky thing. As you say that you’ve learned it’s better to stay away from certain ones. Others are more helpful in specific situations. Always to be handled with respect, I think, because our bodies are such complex organisms.


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