RIP Carrie Fisher Princess Leia

I’m very sad to hear this news. I know she was a lifelong smoker and was not in good health for about 10 years and her and the cast of The Force Awakens all got personal trainers and trained 2 hours a day for a year to get ready. The next film is all but finished but this is a massive blow for the final film though I am sure they will use stock footage, CGI a double and voice overs for it. Now perhaps and just perhaps Han Solo who wanted out from the first movie should not have been the one to pass and the movie may have to change as we all know a fall does not equal death and even though the planet exploded Maz Kanata could have again been in the right place at the right time and is nursing him as an alternate to what happened in real life.  This is quite sad as I was a kid when New Hope came out. RIP Princess Leia…:(


Carrie Fisher: ‘Star Wars’ Castmates Mark Hamill & More Send Love After Tragic Heart Attack


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