I would’ve been the bigger person and wished my other sister Merry Christmas but…

But this is an evil heel wish massive mental issues for her entire life. She always had a middle child syndrome related mentality and she is headstrong, wrong about things that occurred and left her kids unattended many times while she has one 20th of the pain that I had yet I has a CPS case against me made by her bf who lied about it. I was found innocent as the bs claim that many know was I was neglecting kids who I gave up any work time to live there and my sister came home late causing me to refund clients, I had a massive hit and run accident that was written up poorly as there was paint and debris or I would have sued my under insured.


But my sister has blamed me for everything shy of the Titanic sinking and her bs and having to put a dog down that I told her 2 months prior to have a simple vet visit, not letting me know she was putting him down when I was watching him play the day before was really mean. I was not told, not given a chance to say goodbye to Scooby and then Christmas Eve hit. I got a text from either my nephew or someone pretending to be him. I was called a cock and I fixed their ass and saw who did what to deal with what I did.


So this time there is no me being the bigger person. I lost my life by living with this crazy bitch Barbie and she literally went into my underwear drawer looking for money that I was paying for a car sometimes a few times a month and sometimes I missed a month and it was 16 months and I paid more than a third and she gave me tiny credits like 20 bucks for 2 hours when I lost 110 in clients and she took it all as a lump sum and took 1000 more than she should and had the nerve to threaten to turn off my wifi if I did not sign a FUCKING agreement to say she did not do so when she did and text me to tell me that she did that i printed out years ago three days later. Who does that? Who goes into someone’s room constantly? She is a threat, should have no real right to her kids except she pays to have them watched and should not have any pets as she is neglectful. I would have taken Daphne with me but that would have been a wet dream for her bf and that is probably what she wanted. Yet that putz is a liar, lawyer that he can’t tell the truth. I mention his college he says no, mention the CPS case and that I know his secretary made the call and I had records, no and a lot of similar shit and he got her a stun gun, ILLEGAL in NY. His charges of being unfit to be an attorney are imminent as they are backed up and his harassment is going to get him in trouble and possibly lose his license.


2 thoughts on “I would’ve been the bigger person and wished my other sister Merry Christmas but…

  1. kristianw84 says:

    This angers me so much! i don’t understand how a person can do that to another human being, but your own sister?! What the hell?! I’m so sorry you have to go through that. I have an aunt who enjoys making other people’s lives miserable, she thrives on it!! I actually feel bad for her and a couple of friends I have lost over this stupid, petty crap. I think they peaked in high school, and they never left. Now, they don’t know how to survive in the real world, so they get their kicks by bringing others down. It’s sad & pathetic. It sucks that you have to turn your back on people sometimes, especially family, but one thing I have learned this past year after losing my mom is that life is just too short to waste it on the people who deliberately hurt you, or don’t make time for you. Life is too short to be anything other than happy! Maybe you should get a restraining order against them?


    • I’m considering it. She always was a thorn in my side I too have a toxic aunt and I try to avoid them. Giving my nephew a phone and my number was bad especially after the prior 8 months she gave me


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