Masked Communication

The Mind of RD REVILO

  • There Is A Mind
  • Within the Mind
  • When there is a strong connection
  • We look and see
  • We examine detection
  • Discriminating any contradictory
  • We hear and listen
  • We cross examine oratory
  • Discerning message from cacophony
  • We think and understand
  • Reasoning out msicief, logically
  • We feel and know
  • Reading signs, impressions
  • Comprehending suggestions
  • Our senses relate via our outer mind
  • But the inner mind budgets our Time
  • How we energize spending attention
  • It tries to maximize living
  • Based upon our physiogeny’s design
  • But when there is a disconnect
  • With the outer mind
  • The inner plays witness to our folly
  • The outer becomes the shallow measure
  • Memorizingonly pain and pleasure
  • Could care less about false or true
  • Can’t even rationalize
  • Why we do what we do
  • I saw them cry, at the funeral
  • Man, did they wail and sing
  • Then went home did and ate
  • The same poisonous thing
  • Yet, they could…

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