Six word story part TROIS #82

“I am getting fried at work”


4 thoughts on “Six word story part TROIS #82

  1. kristianw84 says:

    I here ya there! Man, I don’t think I’ve ever been this stressed in my entire life! I am currently trying to do the work of 8 people, it’s insane. I’m having a hard time keeping up, and when I get home my brain does not want to function. It’s like I go from intelligent to stupid in 3.5 seconds. I hope you catch a break soon!


    • I’ve been great with math and doing simple change I’m like duh especially if someone gives me money to get a different bill or I don’t count the straps right when closing my shift and I’m like shit I’m off hundreds. I’d rather getting the total myself instead of having someone standing over me making me nervous then I catch a mistake. Then again every person there has a different way of doing things and my schedule changed and I had not done had a 47k bank until last week. I’m good at giving the others they’re bills right, lines and counted as the other banks don’t do that but towards the end I get nervous and have general anxiety already and meds I’d take for both that and focus I’m trying like hell to get here and have a dr appt where I’ll probably get shot down after work today. I don’t get more than 28 hrs and they float and now I have to apply on the strip but I’m living somewhere that is weekly and it’s my check basically and I can’t save. I have to make small precise bets and yesterday was the only one all week I loved the eagles over and had 9 other games and did only a six teamer and I foolishly played against the damn clippers who routinely are favorites and they were dogs to the best team in the NBA the spurs who have won 15 straight on the road and I needed 1 point and the clippers who start strong and make mistakes dud but not enough. This weekly is killing me though. Plus I left most of my life in NY and my only fan here, sis is working both days as am I but short days cabs I haven’t seen her in a month and my uncle is off but his wife hates me so I’ll be avoiding my normal xmas stuff. I think I have stuff to be shipped w winter clothes and xmas stuff but it’s expensive and am unsure but feeling dumb in seconds is crazy…..ugh


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