A forbidden love

One that has many taboos

You can’t do this with……

You can’t be with him or her from….

Is age, race, single, married or otherwise any type of an issue?

Love has no bounds, right?

I mean don’t fly across the country,

show up on their doorstep.

That’s too much lol.

Do you flirt and are super nice?

Is it just banter or real?

Do they know you? 

Do they find you hmm umm?

Could you give yourself to them?

If there are any answers with a yes it’s an interestesting night and yes I do hav a person who always fits the bill is just awesome and ileven in no other reason I’d thrown it out there.

There happens to be a smarter better, candy coated answer and sadly I’d take it but I don’t pay games or emotions. Yes uri yes I  like you and this this this is all good but I guess I am stuck.
Sooff to bed and washing as I have bank fldylyty and my bank isn’t given by my any help.


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