Must be a non smoker

Fit but not necessarily

 A fighter and a lover

Both in and out of the bedroom

Fiery, redhead but it does not matter

HEIGHT: 5 foot 3 plus


Pets, going to movies and sneaking things in,

being adventurous ***WINK WINK***,

A bit of a freak, can cook but also enjoys many

types of food…Hopefully not a mustard, relish

and mayo GIRL

Hopefully does not have the entire PINK line of



Smokers or avoids them, weed smokers, no drugs at all

sporty but not a beast,

HOPES: to have more than a FWB situation or that you are

in a bad relationship….BE WILLING TO WAKE UP INSIDE!!!

A DESIRE: Passion and a whole lot of it and wishes to fight

for it. A winner…If knocked down, you get back UP!!!

2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com







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