OK Reviews for Bad Santa 2 and Office Christmas Party, yes some damn SPOILERS!!! plus some trailers…

Alright, I liked Bad Santa and it turned into a somewhat of a cult classic for freaky weird shit for Christmas and sadly had two stars that were in it die shortly after. Poor old Willie is in the same mess, broke as fuck and gets a call from his best Dwarf and some money. Did he not learn a damn thing last time? Well added is hit mother, Kathy Bates who is worse than his damn elf and he thinks he is setting up a double play on both when they were both individually looking to screw him over…..Bla bla bla it is somewhat funny, nothing super and it ends…


Office Christmas Party I expected to be a huge train wrect and loved seeing Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman in yet another awesome but shitty comedy but I was wowed. The extras were awesome Our favorites from Deadpool, besides Deadpool himself, Karan Soni, our favorite taxi driver is awesome in this as is the new 3.0 version of TJ Miller is a monster in this. The Bond between Bateman and Aniston is huge and it is deflected by other relations and none other than Olivia Munn, the uber smart smoking hot chick in this flick and it does not stop there with a cast of who is next of who is next and led by our always lovely Lesbian Kate Mckinnon and she is glorious in this romp. There was a this is gonna suck movie and it did not and it made it a great choice today… Next are some nice trailers and quick pick ups…


My Guardians:







More Vin Diesel….






Bye Bye Man I saw this twice before…Umm Candyman and what else? Hmmmmmmm Leatherface, any other damn monster movie but last is…Justin’s Long’s swang song slash start in Jeepers Creepers…. Hope you enjoy this extra info….Love me as I need it and I love all my friends here>>>>Hearts…


4 thoughts on “OK Reviews for Bad Santa 2 and Office Christmas Party, yes some damn SPOILERS!!! plus some trailers…

  1. kristianw84 says:

    Thanks for the reviews. I was on the fence about Office Christmas Party. I cannot wait for the second Guardians of the Galaxy. The first one was awesome, and I LOVE the soundtrack. I have a feeling this movie & soundtrack will be just as good as the first, and I am in love with baby Groot!!!


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