GENDER DYSPHORIA ( Etiology :Sibling rivarly )


(Dedicated to my graymatter twin )

One more girl

I cried a lot for being born

You were in that cradle

Far away, yet I could see you

Smiling, glad you are a girl

Whoever wanted a sister?

No squint like the elder sister

No undue pride in being fair

No wish to be the first

No tantrums

No demands

No wish to sing if it means

A competition

Ready to sacrifice anything

For peace…

Adler knew first born hate

To be dethroned

A battery cell could be my doll

Forever winning

Forever smiling

I was scratched on my face

Pushed, my arm was fractured

Whoever wanted a sister?

You put your signature

On the plaster of Paris

Don’t stop winning

I want to lose

Anything for you

Everything for you

Whoever wanted a sister?

Now, my dear gray matter twin

It is too late to go back to


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