Young Woman Crawls Out Of ‘Hibernation’ To Partake In Live Event…


News just in from Number 28 this evening, report that a certain young woman, who was initially looking forward to an evening in ‘hibernation’, has decided to ‘crawl out of her hole’ to partake in a live event… On FACEBOOK!

Sources close to the young woman admitted to feeling surprised by this as she ‘does not crawl out of bed or just anything’. However, when asked, the young woman gave the following reason “It was a live make-up class, ok!”. It is rumored that the class was put on by a friend of one of the young woman’s newly acquired friends and it is speculated that this may have been the main reason the young woman made the ‘extra effort’.

When asked if the ‘sacrifice’ was worth it, the young woman said “I’m totally glad I watched it… I could even,potentially, admit to feeling a teeny weeny bit excited about…

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