To love and have lost is better to have not loved at all…So “they” say…

Why is there always a they?

Who are “they”

Who do “they “think they are?

They merely speak up and hide in shadows

Then if they are political “they” try

to put others questioning “their” arguments

“They” are cowards and finger pointers

“They ” have ways to argue against anyone

they see fit

They attack many by and large

“They ” should be held from speaking but that

would be against the law they hold up…

Ironic, isn’t it?

I do not normally talk in this way but WTF?

There are spoofs of “they” galore

Honestly, “They” should STFU

Mind you this is an intended RANT to reach

one person and hopefully does after a nasty

response that was not political or belittling

It went there because of a single person saying

“They” represented billions…LOL

The love part is also part of freedom of speech

and having a forum to express ourselves normally

in poetic form and was told no YOU CAN’T by “They”

Step up and go against “THEY”



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