Could I have missed HER???



I do not go out looking for love

I feel it will just happen

A chance meeting while

picking up Acorns or while

staring at the stars that rain

down luminous that will surely

show the chosen one whose

time waiting for is bliss for this

heavenly form must be incarnate

and tailored just for me and all

of my senses

While not looking hard does

lessen the pain of the wrong one

too many times, over and again

Perhaps just swear off love?

Perhaps become a full on shut-in?

But I digress. I smelled the presence

in a crowd of someone I felt as if I

knew and was with her, spoiled her

as I floating with her my doting love

But I think I somehow missed her

as I lost the scent, must pick it back

up again. I have waited too long.

Have felt the skin lifting…

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