My own Desert Isle

It is not much to look at there are

  no niceties

When walking it off distance my

feet scorch and blister

I have two palm trees not close to the


I am in the equivalence of the old school

expression of being banished to SIBERIA

Alone, friends have turned their back or

worse, they attacked

Water is nasty, food is limited and I hate fish

but I am here due to trusting people

Smiles and concern turn to disdain, contempt,

treachery and betrayal…

Feelings of Et Tu Brute? and Socrates thinking I

drank what?

So I am now all alone talking and muttering to

myself and probably will be committed:(


***But after a fight where I hold back but next time there’s no STOP***


I am me and I am <<<>>>deuces…




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