I’m in all types of pain and a horrid week was had. I made errors in judgement after making a smart move away from a monster. Long story. I moved in somewhere to basically silence the notion for a later time. That made me not wish to go where I lay my head and instead made some mistakes.  Only two ppl will see this on fb, you know who you are and one I’ll see tomorrow. Feel free to pm me and I’m seriously injured as I foolishly turned my back on someone and a foot and a half machete intended for my head I saw out of the corner of my eye and a pos who always was went to decapitate me and I deflected with my forearm. It’s a bad gash the second blow for my forehead I caught in between my hands like you see in military flicks or karate and I took it away. Turned my back again and I got hit between my shoulder and back of my head. So it’s late but this hurts like hell and I need sleep but this will keep me up.


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