Something lost

It disappeared

so quickly

In my hand and

always helps ful

A friend that was

a lot to me

Yet somehow an 

error was made

A loss hurts but

you mend

If you never have

lost you can’t 


So losing is like a 

rainy day

There would be no 

sunny day

So sometimes life

give you curveballs

You just have to go 

with them


2 thoughts on “Something lost

  1. Did you Breakup ?
    I too used to make a lot of mess ups and then after the fight, I would feel so sad and go and say Sorry to him cause I could not live without his Love (Crap), until I made him very angry and we are not talking since 6 months now.


    • Well this was a wp friend I’ve known for over a year. We would fb pm and she always asked about me. Convinced me to publish and asked for my address to send a book and was always checking up on me as she knew a lot of what I’ve been going through. So last night I quickly said I got badly hurt last night on fb. That I could not respond to fir five hours by the time I did when she asked what happened?, she blocked me. I routinely talked to her so that was a shock. She made her blog private then deleted them both. I have no idea how I responded to how are you and I respond I got badly hurt last night. She responded at 7 am and asked what happened and at noon when I went to respond all of it happened. It really sucks


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