A sorry to my friends here

I’ve been on an occasional tear of great posts and then I hit bottom when some bad things do happen. Many of my friends here know quite a lot about me as I do them. 

I’m in limbo now after putting up with nonsense until yesterday happened and I chose to cause harm a few ways. First is the ex roommate is completely broke and me leaving hurt her. Next, She’s going to go to jail and third the apartment complex was advised of the things she’s doing and they’re going after her too. Lastly on Monday I’ll be reporting her to the ASPCA as she’s abusing the dog in simple ways and nasty ones. 


8 thoughts on “A sorry to my friends here

  1. Hey, Paul. You have doen the right thing. I hope your situation improves soon.


  2. Atomic Words says:

    O wow!!!. So sorry Paul. Glad you are okay. Hope it all gets better soon šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š


  3. veg4life says:

    Sorry to hear Paul but yes thank you for reporting animal abuse! We must have 0 tolerance system!


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