Various levels of if you love someone…

If an English teacher ensure that

a love letter is proper with grammar

If a singer and a song is written do

make it on key

If a blogger and you write an open letter

do not include their real name

If on Social Media, do not do it as you are

merely a stalker TROLL

If Craigslist has you covered realize that

your feelings will be bashed all to hell and

your post will be flagged

If you wish to have a same sex dater to switch,

realize it is not gonna end well for YOU

Ahh, the co-worker, the easy way out as you do

not try will END in a horrible mess and cause you

to lose or quit your job

Ohh, the dating sites and 90 second date places, well

they just are stupid

Then the daddy willing to allow female roommates to

stay for free in his bed, YUCK. Damn SLOB.

There are others but this is a start…:)


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