Underdogs underdogs everywhere but…

I linked 5 today and had 12 open tickets with 2 dogs for a ton, three favorites and two of three handled their business and that cut my leg off and I played a couple of saver plays and that helped me save face. I hit a three dog underdog bet by 1230 and had a nice moneyline bet and parlay on one and I was scared shitless. I saw of the 6 midday teams I had 2 of 3 favorites weren’t handling business and the third was. I had 3 more games and one is a team that has been a thorn in my side. I had options where to go to school and one was Tennessee and they have burned me. I foolishly played them instead of Clemson and the others I had earlier had me lose 4 cards by a half point with Notre Dame. I had cashed early, though I smartly kept those at home and I decided a 5th longshot in Rice against the spread may be my undoing had me play the over even as I knew Rice would bust the spread and I should have dumped Tennessee as I had Notre Dame and Michigan State as dogs and could have altered things. Well Rice beat the spread and hit the over and out of 8 tickets alive that way, I hit one due to eenie meanie going with Tennessee as I already had Tennessee, Michigan State and Notre Dame. I did manage a decent day and will gladly take tomorrow off. 🙂


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