My stalker appears to be slightly back

I see him when I write and get an immediate hit and then my old stuff gets hit. He is and will always be, a piece of shit that resembles a walrus. His name is Pete and he is damn lucky I left NY. I’ve been signed up for multiple subscriptions through my emails. I have days before me removing myself, there I get 200 emails of spam. He is about to go to court based on my grievance complaint and he will be disbarred. I would like to be a fly on the wall. I will just have him lose his work and he will be flipping burgers.


2 thoughts on “My stalker appears to be slightly back

  1. intrudesite says:

    Being stalked is the worst experience.
    You feel you are not allowed to live at all……. It is a web being weaved around you everyday, every hour , you feel paralyzed unable to take a single decision. It is a coward of the worst kind who does that , he has no guts to face you ever…….. he will never accept ….and he will createmore like him……..

    In some countries there is no justice for this crime. It is very difficult to prove who it is…..


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