the Waiting Game

Daisy in the Willows

 I’ve had a few ( of you )  Bloggers ask me to keep you updated with how my MA is going in Creative Writing.

 One TMA (tutor marked assignment) emailed and submitted to  the Open University .

Now I await the results.18-I-hate-waiting-quote.jpg

I ended up doing 10 re-drafts!


My commentary had to focus on the creation process.

This is what I had to say – 500 words – this was the maximum word count  we were allowed  to write on 8 weeks of study, writing and personal research.

I won’t post the entire first 20 pages of my script ‘URBAN JUNGLE’

I will put down what I wrote in my commentary.


My passion in script writing lies in writing about themes, which affect society-politically. I want to raise awareness of this theme retaining social realism without it becoming an Agit -prop piece. I used…

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