Melancholy rivers…

You are pulled in like

a trap set for you

The quicksand does not

lessen it’s grasp

You are sinking into a lot

of sad feelings

You are depressed, constant

crying and more

Sorrow hits you like seeing a

baby breathe it’s last breath

When needed, you can pull

yourself up

Unhappiness is tearing you up


The tide turned against you and

you’re able to see rapids

They come fast and hard about

your trek and rocks

They do make you flip over almost

a full spin

You’re efforts are the things made

by evil thoughts

You try not to give in, yet you are

hitting everything at once

It is hard to focus and hardest to

escape the clutch of The RIVER…


2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey


4 thoughts on “Melancholy rivers…

  1. New Journey says:

    nice poetry…..Hope your having a Happy Thanksgiving Paul…..kat


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