This one, the ONE?

Dancing circles around me

like a ballerina

She pirouettes me as I do

spin and get dizzy

She does so with her Pointe


Tosses me for a loss a time

and time again

No Plie but a Croise movement

quite ladylike

Yet all of me is for all of you on

any given day

My body is for your warmth and

for your shield

Your desires and thoughts will be

held close to the vest

Held by me under LOCK AND KEY…


***Follow me into the rabbit hole or through the looking glass***


2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey




An answer to my thoughts

that leave me open

They betray me on this day

and I succumb

But I too can be elusive when

needed to be





4 thoughts on “This one, the ONE?

  1. kristianw84 says:

    I love “All of Me” by John Legend!!


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