My body dislikes me immensely

Slips and sliding

Twisting and turning

My body is yearning

rest I don’t OFFER

It rebels against me

and hurts

I get approached asking

for sleep and rest

I do not get it and the

culprit attacks me

Cramps where concave

contractions a norm

Sleepy and forgetting a

 lot of things

Finally slept a full night

and still shot

My body dislikes me and

shows it’s POWER


2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey


4 thoughts on “My body dislikes me immensely

  1. yaskhan66 says:

    Exercise is good.


  2. 😃 May be rather everybody’s body behaves so. But we like it. The more we like the more it dislikes.
    So start disliking it. Then shall it start liking?


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