Homeless or live with someone psychotic?

Most people out here are crazy as fuck. Every person I met looking for a place is nuts. There is a biking law here that if you are biking in a lane all cars must vacate the lane. Yet most people plow right into main streets without even slowing down and then yell at you as if they’re right. If you fucking hit me walking or biking you’ll get sued and you’re insurance will be affected.

 Tons of vagrants that will follow you and if you turn them away or ignore you they will curse you out, spit at you and throw shit at you.

People making bets at work. I’m the professional doing my job and if I tell you that you need to call horse races out at post time, call the bet wrong and an example of right is I would like gulfstream race 5 and I’d like a 1 dollar exacta box 1&2 with all. The wrong way is saying yea umm I’d like 10 to win and 40 to place on the six. I’m not a ducking mind reader yet I probably know where you’re going. If I say politely that you need to call horses in numeric order from low to high and not the other way around and you fucking yell at me I’ll jump over the counter and beat your ass. Don’t tell me you have more experience when I’ve done everything at a racetrack and you’ve never even been to one. So go directly to hell and I don’t care if I lose my job to beat your ass as I’ll get another one.

My roommate. She was the lesser of several evils. She’s a space cadet, takes somas and allows her athletic dog to run around wild in the house breaking things, her car, the dog park and the apartment complex. She’s also a forgetful condescending asshole. She forgets everything I tell her and forgets what she tells me that she wants to do. She just today alone, took 3 hours to drive 7.5 miles and lost her car keys three times while never leaving the car. She offered to pay me to return hundreds of dollars of items for her because she’s a scam artist. An examination le is she returns things without a receipt and gets a gift card, goes roght back in the store and puts the same items in the cart and returns them a second time at several major stores and today she had me go to 2 to get her 300 in cards alone. She was lost and I said forget it I’m not going to bother and I’d rather finish doing her stuff. Mind you her and my things were supposed to be done last Thursday and then Monday. Both days she said I’ll be right back and an hour later said I’ll be right there and two more hours go by and she then doesn’t answer and I could have gotten things done myself in one fifth the time alone. Then she gets bitchy at me for being “negative” after all the things that supervisors tell me one minute and then the next day oops my bad we can’t do that 20 times in the past two weeks. That oh go to an ER and they’ll do everything. Ehhh wrong my bad we can’t do that. But me telling an actual event is being negative. No I’m a realist. Oh do yantra and yoga. Mind you she’s 100 pounds overweight, has gastric issues and I e told her for two weeks to see a nutritionist and she ignores me and gets fried food, then screams out in pain and takes something and falls asleep. Monday I waited7 hours for her to get done and she brought me a mile up the block and were supposed to do lots of stuff for her. After fifteen minutes she got nasty and said I’m done I have to go home and take a nap. She left me there and then I went to the ER and wasted time. So now after getting lost for hours in a place she’s lived her whole life she now left me to go do her stuff. I said umm you said you would stay with me. Well I have the dog. So what? You had the dog when you said you’ll stay here. Now I’m absolutely positive that I’ll be stranded here. A place where I’ll have to walk over a mile to get to a bus stop and two of my toes are swollen and hurting. I know I’ll be stranded here.


4 thoughts on “Homeless or live with someone psychotic?

  1. yaskhan66 says:

    Why is it that you end up with the wrong kind of people. You got a lot of patience , man you do.


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