For my friends here, Thank YOU!!!

I have many new people that are unaware of my difficulties. To those who have been supportive while dealing with the nonsense back east, my move, getting working than sick and well wishes and my apartment hunt THANK YOU!!! Many have reached out to me as I do to you. I appreciate all the well wishes. Even though there have been expected bumps and bruises among my family and I, they helped me a lot and I have thanked them as they did what my friends here could not. I should have some clear sailing now:).


12 thoughts on “For my friends here, Thank YOU!!!

  1. yaskhan66 says:

    Only a matter of time , actually. All this has made you stronger , I am sure.


  2. Atomic Words says:

    Oh wow! How did I miss all that. So sorry love wish I had been there for you. I mostly only caught the articles you reblogged. But congratulations on getting through it despite all the challenges


  3. Colette B says:

    Hallo Paul, apologies for not keeping in better touch with you andd your blog. Hope to see you around again soon, bit busy for now, but congrats on achievement & best wishes 🙂 cheers


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