Handicapping contest

I have one at my job and I reluctantly got involved as we must. I won a week and was second another. When I got ill I had two barely working and not functioning weeks where I fell back to a tie for third. Today The Eagles should have been wearing Giants shirts as they literally handed them 2 TDs back to back in a minute. They stormed home, had flags and should have won as their receivers were mugged and never got calls including a last play for a winning TD was not allowed and everyone aw it. The Vikings were a strong Superbowl favorite until 3 weeks ago. Now they keep finding way to lost. Today they gave up points to a mediocre team, took a slight lead and then blew it. Then in the last minute they scored a TD for a 3 pt lead. They had 38 seconds left and had the other team on the ropes. They took a timeout. Then an impossible last 30 second scramble leading to a tying FG happened. They lost the coin flip and game, unreal. The Steelers had their “A” quarterback back and he sucked for 3 quarters. Then he got it close but his recievers dropped 10 balls in the last 17 minutes and there were drives reversed due to penalties. They ultimately lost by 7 and could have won. Now the Titans playing the always close Chargers had 2 back to back offensive possessions have interceptions returned for a TD whenn they were about to score. They are going to lost by 8. Though they could have easily scored saying modestly 6 and not losing 14, like The Eagles they should have won easily. Lastly, The colts I have played every week and they continue to make mistakes and hand the game over and I was very on the fence with the above mentioned games but said well home favorite and green bay cost me the game and the under by being douches that felt the need to score when they could no longer win and that costs me two games…Pissed off now.


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