RAINN and Rape statistics from many sources

I am tackling this as I have friends that have been through this and several friends here as well and they fight and claw their way to the truth being told and they get shamed. I can’t say what the true numbers are but there are several  links that have very similar numbers. I personally know more than 10 women that have been raped and 5 men. Now obviously not everyone I know happens to have the subject come up and this can be clients, other workers, athletes, college students and it goes on and on. Anyway, if you choose to read all of the information I skimmed some but read half, the ones I skimmed agreed with ones I fully read and they were almost identical. Also there is the movie reviewer that tells the family tale of zero and does not think that any of the women they are related to have just not told them or lied. As if that is not a possibility because they KNOW.

I am bringing up this subject as it is a hot topic, many followers I know have spoken up regarding it and there are many places questioning it, the validity, the accuracy of reports and a documentary movie I will watch a little later on the subject. At the bottom of this list is a review by an IMDB reviewer on the Movie The Hunting Ground. If you would care to watch it http://www.zmovie.tw/search  or directly at http://www.zmovie.tw/movies/view/the-hunting-ground-2015 then search for the movie if the movie link does not work directly. If you have a fast internet speed and a good computer you should have no issue watching it.

There are reason why the numbers vary, why many people do not think certain acts are rape. For example you live with someone and obviously have been together and they either do not stop when you ask or they take advantage of both men or women while they are sleeping. That many people do not come forward and the opposite is that some non believers think most women or men say it as an act of revenge and this makes the nay sayers scream see this one/that one lied so how about that other 30%, 40% 50% or whatever number they do not believe and for the most part those that do it think it is OK.






The CDC’s Rape Numbers Are Misleading




User Reviews

Biggest falsification of information in the century

8 February 2016 | by psuril (Pittsburgh) – See all my reviews

The filmmakers have publicly stated that they need not worry about journalistic principles, and that they do not need to hear the other side, because this is a “film project”.

To me that says it all – the producers are calling this a film, not journalism — so why do people insist on giving it any more credit? I guess to them, it can be fiction. A documentary should by definition, document a particular time, event, or matter of history.

This is simply pulling made up statistics, false accounts, information contrary to police reports, and just making a film around it. It’s nothing more the non-sense political propaganda of our time – make stuff up, get people angry against one particular people (in this case a gender), make them out to be criminals, and just create fear!

People have commented – a must see for anyone planning on going to college or sending their kid to college. I am just going to end with one question here. The film says 1 in 4 women on college are raped.

How many classmates of yours were raped? Forget your classmates – I have a large extended family – every single one of us spent many years in college. I can assure you, not one of us has been raped. I am talking about over 50 female cousins that graduated in the last decade (many are very “attractive”), and the number of rapes should at least 10 per this film, and it’s 0. Tell me if in your experience, if at your professional work space, 1 out of 5 people were raped.

There have been women who truly suffered, and my heart goes out to them. This film gets in the way of any real solution.


3 thoughts on “RAINN and Rape statistics from many sources

  1. Deb says:

    I have to admit,I did not even know of the documentary…and can’t watch it yet so all I have to go on is some of the links and the comment at the end. The numbers do seem high…BUT as someone who lived over two years of my life blaming myself for what had happened to me because I didn’t know there was something called ‘date rape’, I do believe that there are many cases of rape that are not very traditional. And these cases tend to come with bigger bouts of shame so we rarely share them. But that is just my 2 cents on all this


  2. carlalouise89 says:

    Thank you for writing about this.


    • You’re welcome, the movie is supposedly good but the woman at the bottom saying I have 50 relatives that have never been missed the point of them either not telling or not telling everyone. Just bc I am not told does not mean that nobody was told. I thought I did a decent job of plugging an interesting movie and getting a lot of articles and one ridiculous opinion.

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