30 Day push ups, plank and wall sit challenge Day 13

OK yesterday was one set across. OK, so we change a little. Today a set of regular push ups or two and it is a mash up of which you are up to. I have the planks, side planks and wall sits at one set and you can add any of them to the push ups as you wish today.


Full and added push up




negative push up


Full plank hold


Side plank hold


Full wall sit.

Today is taking any of them and doing 1-2 sets of as many as possible and adding 1-3 sets pf the added pics. My site is sometimes slow:)

Add 1-2 exercises from the following and as many as able.

No order today.


T-push ups

Spiderman Push ups

Why these are not displaying ASAP is beyond me




One thought on “30 Day push ups, plank and wall sit challenge Day 13

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    Argh! I love that you do this, and do the little reminders. I can’t do it every day (health problems) but I do it every day I can. And I can feel myself getting stronger again. I can hold that sitting thing now for a few minutes. I remember when I was so sick, at my very worst, walking to the bathroom would kill me. I needed help to shower, because I couldn’t be trusted to stand for that long (even five minutes) without passing out. There were months of lying in bed …. and I had no idea the effect it can have on your body. I was strong before. I was fit before. And you’ve seen my body … I’m not exactly fat. But I love that I’m getting stronger again. Fitter again. I’ve been in Melbourne for the past three days, and each day we did over 10ks of walking, no problems (and lots of stairs). One day, we did almost 18 ks. I was so proud of myself. I was sore and tired afterwards (I get so tired sometimes, I just fall asleep, no matter where I am) and I just want you to know that this stuff means the world to me. I can’t do the challenges the way you put them out, but I do them when I can. And even though it’s not the same, it’s a HUGE difference for me. I’m even getting close to holding a plank for a whole minute …. I haven’t been that close since before I was sick!!!! I used to not be able to pick up Rosie, my golden retriever (when I got sick, I mean) but now I can!!! These posts give me hope. They’re inspiring. You should know that.


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