22 Jump Street Movie Review


In the sequel we have all the main characters back and the new church is across the street. At the beginning of the movie we have Schmidt and Jenko on a sting operation that goes horribly wrong while they are now regular cops. One of the bad guys is The Ghost. After the screw up they are told they are going back to 22 Jump Street and Captain Dickson let’s them know they have a huge budget and that they are being assigned with the same identity and are doing the same thing. They think High School and are told they are going to college.



The ongoing joke regarding this movie is that they are doing exactly the same thing and they ram it home as often as they get a chance to. They are looking for a synthetic drug called Why Phy known as work hard play hard. They will be focused for hours and then party like it’s 1999. They are looked at by the others as being way too old to be in college. They exhaust their classes out as a way to get information on the drug and several students accuse them of being cops and Jenko actually is answering questions his teacher asks and he returns with why ask me I’m not a cop? They realize they only have a picture of a deal to go off of and decide to go to the jail where Eric and Mr. Walters are. Mr. Walters points out that the picture shows a tattoo and they realize if they find the tattoo they will find the dealer. Going to a tattoo shop they are told it was done a couple of times and to a football player.

So, they go to walk on day to try out. As expected Schmidt fails miserably while Jenko is the best on the team. A quick bond is made between Jenko and the quarterback Zook. They are doing whatever they can inn order to check for tattoos with no success. They accidentally take some Why Phy and realize they have some time to focus before they trip ballz. So they decide to plant cameras at the frat house. During the time they are there they overhear the frat leaders going over whom they will pick to be pledges. They make some noise and realize they have to get out ASAP. While on the run they realize they are just about to trip and the frat leaders get them, throw them in the trunk and they start tripping and think they are going to die.


Before this incident Schmidt hooks up with a student, Maya and tells Captain Dickson about it and it turns out that she is his daughter and she has a nasty roommate named Mercedes. After getting told they are pledges they are playing drinking games and Schmidt decides this is not for him and Jenko says maybe we should investigate other people and it is a little weird. There is a parent day and low and behold Schmidt’s parents and Maya’s parents are there including Captain Dickson and his wife played by Queen Latifah. The tension between Schmidt and the Captain is crazy and he is getting multiple texts from him in front of Maya, which has him unable to answer why he is getting texts from him except it must be in the directory. Mercedes points out again that he is way too old and he is messed up and should see the school Shrink like the deceased student did and that she was given lots of drugs by him. An obvious meeting with the captain happens. Where Jenko realizes that Schmidt had sex with the Captain’s daughter and gets goofy.


Being Jenko has been deemed the best player on the team he and Schmidt and doing police work when Zook calls him to say that the game is about to start right after they find out that the dealers are putting the drugs in the library as they find hollowed out books. Jenko goes to the game and Schmidt realizes in the library that The Ghost is there and that he is the supplier and he is texting Jenko mid game that he needs help. They get caught and Schmidt tells Jenko to get on his knees and they pretend to be having oral sex. A fight ensues and now Schmidt and Jenko are on the run from The Ghost and his crew. Jenko tells Schmidt that he is offered a scholarship and wants to stay there and become a player as Zook told him earlier that they could get scouted to play for a Division 1 team. Schmidt gets caught by the police and he tells the cops he is undercover and just take him in. Jenko continues to hang with Zook and all they do is workout and love Lamborghinis. The DR gets arrested for having Why Phy residue and it is again said it is just like another case they had, just like it!

While they are doing their own thing it is realized that The Ghost is going down to Spring Break and they have to go down there and find the dealer and arrest the dealer and supplier. So they head to Spring Break and the fun begins. I will leave the rest of the movie open and to be seen except the end scene credits are funny sequel mini trailers.


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