BEWARE!!!Linkedin and Google Plus users Sophia Sann and Megan QT STAY AWAY!!!

These are Megan Qts pics when she was a teenager.


This is her now

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAabAAAAJDc3NzUzMjUxLTI0ZDgtNGE4MS05MWM2LWZiNWZmZWMxYTQxNQDo not connect and disconnect from them. You can look Meqan up, she was a softcore performer with girls. She retired about 8 years ago and anybody using her picture is a scam artist. She was listed as Portia N until I outed her last week.

When she sent me two audition pictures after the night before she Skyped me with a frozen and looped muted conversation, she said she did not have speakers but she kept speaking and typing things you would want to hear from a wholesome woman looking to date and marry it is a scam that will eventually have you hooked. I was too smart and found out too quickly. Nothing added up. She is from Ghana and HS then undergrad at Eastern Michigan and Graduate degree in Philosophy at a school in Indiana. Then she became a hairdresser in Austin for three years or so and came home as her mother was ill and her dad passed when she was 12. All BS. Anyway Portia N is off them both but there are three Megan QT and one Sophia accounts.

If you check her site it has some free pics and she sold her site to the person she worked for from 2002-2009 Phil Flash. You can look him up, he says he started in 2002 and Megan QT was his first. On his site you can find some videos. Or look up Megan Qt cam shows or porn and you will see they are the same. If you feel like playing her be careful. If she sends you a picture from her actual email address, she has many and you have tiny eye on your computer or some other picture verifier on your computer right click. If you do not install one. You will see catalogs of her pictures and forums saying she is a dating scammer.

Yesterday Sophia Sann’s profile said she lived in Florida and she changed it today to say that she is in New York as I connected with her using a different account and it says NY. If you do various searches for Megan Qt scams many forums come up saying she is a scam artist. There are many different names of scammers, including Sophia, Mary, Maria and a few others. DISCONNECT or have a little fun. We do not need this kind of trash looking to hook legitimate business people into her dating scams. If you know how to find source in an email you will see ip addresses. About 3 of them, look them up and that will tell you she does not live where she says.

With Portia she kept saying she was in Ghana not working and was going to get a card so she could call. Eventually she would have asked me for a few hundred after playing a couple of looped, frozen rated G cam shows with her still trying to talk. There are many forums of men saying they got burnt, one saying he married her and she had a 9 year old daughter as of 2012, another saying she lives in Chicago with two kids and changed her curly hair. The recent cams were 3 years ago. They say she is about to go to Phoenix and another that she tried pole dancing while at a strip club in Phoenix and she is going to move there. She said this from LA where Phil Flash works from. Portia Ns story did not add up and the others have little information. I expect to hear from her now that she is in NY, lol. Report her, disconnect and I see various Police officers on Sophia Sann’s page, contact me for Ip address and phone numbers by the fake Portia N and go after her in LA as a scam artist, a fraud and impersonating someone. I backed into the Red Picture at the top after typing Megan Qt, she actually has 1 connection, 9 and 26, 2 accounts are in Ghana and 2 have The Red Sophia Sann picture to the side. Get rid of the trash…


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