Waiting for…



Some job

Some climate

But always seem to BE…

Where are these?

Floating lilies

Floating particles

Fantasies both…



Your being

Your loneliness…

My arms to hold

My arms to protect

My body to warm you

My body to please you



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Albino Phoenix

Secrets are what kill us and what save us

so said the witches burned for their heresy

didn’t you know when they told you it came easy

that was a lie?

your foundation may have shifted into quick sand

but you believed it long enough to dive

and that is the purpose of well placed lies by loving hearts

and dishonesty for the sake of good outcomes

undermining trust like a rotten boat we hope yet to float

on the debris remaining when discovery is a cloak

pulled back and shown to be

the elixir of believing in miracles

to find out

they were only pretty painted


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Deciphering notes

Doing homework and failing?

Did look and did choose


But I made mistakes

Beginning rule no cancels

Because it haunts you


Stay true to yourself

Stay strong in your convictions

Some are just hunches…


A right guess is more…

A wrong hunch and then changing…

Always disastrous…


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A line form of poetry like this

C hanging how far and symmetry

R eeling in traditional and add new

O h I will let it flow and make it mine

S ometimes long and short or just even

T hough it’s been a minute a double as well

I sometimes I’ll add words to the outer stanzas

C reating   smart words art WORK is what WE DO 


2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.com

Six word story part TROIS #24

“An unnatural day of rain coming”

Stifle in a word or four

Pretty much me daily



Straining for air

Need for bronchodilation

And or vasodilation

Bit off too much…









2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalofitness.wordpress.com

A Quitter’s Conundrum

J. A. Allen

evictionSometimes you have to put a pin in it. Plan to come back to it later, lower the position of your “dream” from your theoretical tack board of priorities and get your real-life shit together.

Over the years, I’ve done it a lot: ‘Cause baby, the act of writing your first book ain’t gonna raise your kids, and it sure as HELL ain’t gonna pay your bills.

I’ve been writing my debut novel a FURREAKING long time. The idea for the story came just after my first son was born. And yeah, he’s ten. I won’t sit here and tell you it’s because Old Souls is going to be the next War and Peace. It’s not going to be the next Interview with the Vampire or American Gods. Sometimes when I read the manuscript, I wonder if my beloved book even deserves to be published at all.

So what’s taken so long?

In the last ten years I’ve worked hard to contribute financially to my growing family. My husband…

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