MBDNOME EC004Throw light on tableau

stark, our characters form reluctant worms

choosing well-worn path

harder to divine from recoil that bridge

elastic in space like rubber bands

little girls elongate, yearning in fantasy

hopscotched into their roles

white sheet yet stained with after birth

hair brushed back we face ourselves at scarred tables

one carries a switch of hazel

tells of easing pain

whilst other languishes on IV

hear the drip of their remedy seeking trance

to be removed from this blister and lance ourselves

from watch of brethren as they fall

matchsticks tindering against time’s low bell

who shall seek cliffs edge, who gentle swell

of rain meeting sea all washed oblique

no beginning in our rinse

this cloud covers nothing but a wish to be


knowing our claim will devour

make then in this needy wrap of night

muscular in her prowl

my opening mouth on yours


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dsc_0438The day is set

clean crockery gleaming like polished milk

laid out in expectant situ

her face burns on the side where they took out her rage

boiled it like wool and knit it back in shape

leaving mouths of cotton to cough out soggy words

against the sharp edges of a defined world

intolerant of soft

she lifts the coffee pot, catching her reflection

three faces for each turn of head

one makes the bed

one undoes the effort

one lies prone

her fingers chilled as if she plunged them

endlessly into ice water and shaking off

tried to revive feeling

around the corner

school children

stamp their feet against first frost

wiping their lips of toast

parents already folding day into schedule

young backs weighed with books

soon unread as they eagerly stretch

into indifferent facsimile


one remains gazing upward

as reluctant geese, escaped from slaughter


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When I am passed pissed

When I want to be evil

What happens?, you’re gone


Perhaps it’s too harsh

Probably but I don’t care

Persistence will pay


I’ll get my revenge

It will be extremely sweet

I’ll just be that fly…

Time to put someone out of my misery and keep her from doing what she did to me

Ok I seem to go from out of one bad situation to another. One psycho to another. I had the need to find my own space and here that’s renting with someone.

Her name Kim Pedersen. She’s a lying fake pos. She’s been sick, sleeping, letting her dog eat everything in the house, plays the tv as loud as possible and let’s her dog roam the complex off her leash.
She’s not paying but wanted me to. I said it’s illegal for you to withhold rent but expect me to pay. It is. She goes ballistic. I say I’ll pay rent if you ensure I can finally use the washer/dryer as she always has stuff in there and I want a real receipt and if she is not paying rent and wants to put it in escrow I want documentation. She goes ballistic and I walk out.

Coming back the washer/dryer are ready bc she’s broke, nobody will help her and she keeps letting her dog into my stuff and at times admits it like today. I said to her 15 times I’ll pay you when we both go to the escrow place and I get assurances. She turns with a 9 inch knife and points it to my heart. Mind you I’m recording this. I advise her and she hits me 10 times. Got lucky I didn’t drop my forehead and let her slow as fuck and weak shots have her break her hand in my skull or that when I called someone and I had her say she did ten times I said again and I’ll do it once call the cops as it’s self defense and you’ll wake up with handcuffs to the rail and I’ll sue you for everything you ever had or will have. Mind you she steals from Home Depot and other places and gets others to return things for her. She’s a piece of shit whom I shoiuldve put out of both of our misery. I’d have been in the right to hit her once to her ten but I took the higher ground. She tried to break the door down, said my dog and I were in here and we took a couple of things, then text it several times. Now I want to finish her. Hearing her be a fake pos gets me peeved and I’m staying at an apartment w a chair and it’s 80 degrees in here.


With Love

io-e-teAbbiamo troppe cose in comune. Le canzoni. I sogni. Le risate. Le passeggiate. La solitudine. La libertà. La voglia di amare, ed entrambi sappiamo bene che 

l’emozione va oltre il momento e che va vissuta fino in fondo, poi la vita farà il resto, l’importante è AMARE L’ISTANTE che siamo insieme Io & Te. WL

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Getting Personal #49: December Goals

Hot Shot Headlines

goal-quotes-2 Image Credit: quotesgram.com

Here are my goals for the month of December!

  1. Decorate for Christmas.
  2. Fully clean up / clean out the attached garage.
  3. Enjoy several holiday parties!
  4. Donate blood.
  5. Create our budget for 2017.
  6. Help either a child or a family have a good Christmas.
  7. See Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!
  8. Make peppermint bark.

Here’s the breakdown:

Decorate for Christmas.

  • We just bought our first Christmas tree! We’re excited to set it up in our living room and decorate it!
  • Red and green are so festive!

Fully clean up / clean out the attached garage.

  • We cleared out two of the end tables last weekend, so one whole wall is clean now!
  • We plan to go through boxes and containers a little bit every weekend!

Enjoy several holiday parties!

  • Amanda and Dan’s annual gathering is this weekend.
  • Al’s company holiday party is next weekend!
  • At the end…

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Dutch Veluwe autumn birds video